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From Cows to Concrete, The Rise and Fall of Farming in Los Angeles
From Cows to Concrete, The Rise and Fall of Farming in Los Angeles
Publication Number: 3549
Copyright Date: 2016
Length: 208 pp
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1-62640-0311-3
Inventory Type: Hardcover
Winner of the Gold Medal in the category of Regional Adult Nonfiction in the 19th annual Foreword Reviews Book of the Year Awards presented at the 2017 American Library Association annual conference.

What? Los Angeles was the original wine country of California, leading the state’s wine production for more than a century? Los Angeles County was the agricultural center of North America until the 1950s? And where today’s freeways soar, cows calmly chewed their cud? How could that be? Los Angeles, the capital of asphalt and Kleig lights, was once a paradise filled with grapevines and bovines, so abundant with Nature’s gifts that no one could imagine a more pastoral place?

Los Angeles County was the center of an agricultural empire. Today, it is the nation’s most populous urban metropolis. What happened? Where did the green go?

From the earliest pueblo cornfields to the struggles of farm workers to the rise of the environmental movement, From Cows to Concrete tells the epic tale of how agriculture forged Los Angeles into an urban metropolis, and how, ultimately, the Los Angeles farm empire spurred the very growth that paved it over, as sprawling suburbs swallowed up thousands of acres of prime farmland. And how, on the same land once squandered by corporate greed and “progress,” urban farmers are making inroads to a greener future. More than 150 vintage images enhance and expand the fascinating, detailed history.

As Americans connect with gardens, farmers markets, and urban farms, most are unaware that each of these activities have deep roots in Los Angeles, and that the healthy food they savor literally had its roots in L.A. This book is for all who treasure the country’s agrarian history.

From our colleagues at Angel City Press and authored by UCCE Advisor Rachael Surls and UCCE Los Angeles Master Gardener Judith Gerber.

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