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Healthy Roses, 2nd Edition
Healthy Roses, 2nd Edition
Publication Number: 21589
Copyright Date: 2009
Length: 35 pp.
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1-60107-672-4
Inventory Type: Paperback
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Environmentally Friendly Ways to Manage Pests and Disorders in Your Garden and Landscape

This best-selling guide for the rose enthusiast has been revised. New in the second edition is an expanded section on cultural practices; including new information on establishment, irrigation, soil and nutritional requirements, and pruning. Also new is a discussion of the mossy rose gall and an expanded reference section.

By using this guide, you’ll learn how to identify problems, take action when appropriate, and recognize beneficial insects.

You’ll get sound advice on how to adapt Integrated Pest Management practices to the home garden -- methods of controlling pests and diseases using alternatives such as beneficial insects, traps and barriers, and less toxic pesticides such as soaps, oils and microbials. You’ll also learn about how to take preventative measures like careful selection of varieties, site selection and planting, proper watering, how and when to prune, and weed management.

This 35-page guide is profusely illustrated with 50 color photographs and includes handy tables on soil pH and nutrient levels.

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