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Residential, Industrial, and Institutional (A)

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Residential, Industrial, and Institutional (A)
Deer Mouse: Pest Notes for Home and Landscape
The deer mouse carries hantavirus, which can be deadly to people. Searching for food, the mice enter houses and cabins through small holes and cracks, but what they leave behind can make you very ill. Learn to recognize, exclude, and control these pests.

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Residential, Industrial, and Institutional Pest Control, 2nd Ed.
Focuses on managing structural, food, and fabric pests; rodents; birds; and weeds. DPR and SPCB test material. Now includes review questions and answers to help you study for the exams.

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The Safe and Effective Use of Pesticides, 3rd Edition
Newly updated! Detailed information for selecting, using, handling, storing, and disposing of pesticides; worker protection; label reading; personal protective equipment; and reduction of environmental problems. Recommended study material for DPR exams.

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