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(B) Landscape Maintenance

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(B) Landscape Maintenance
Landscape Maintenance Pest Control
This is a complete guide to using pesticides safely in turf, landscape, and interiorscape situations ranging from parks and golf courses to indoor malls.

Publication Number:: 3493
Myoporum Thrips: Pest Notes for Home and Landscape
Myoporum thrips can damage or even kill Myoporum plants, flowering decorative shrubs and groundcovers native to Mauritius and popular as landscape plants in regions of California. Download to learn how to identify and control this pest in the garden.

Publication Number:: 74165
Always Available
Pests of Landscape Trees and Shrubs, 3rd Edition
The ultimate guide to managing landscape pests is completely revised! Contains over 400 pages, 575 photographs, and the easy-to-use problem solving tables you've come to rely on.

Publication Number:: 3359
The Safe and Effective Use of Pesticides, 3rd Edition
Newly updated! Detailed information for selecting, using, handling, storing, and disposing of pesticides; worker protection; label reading; personal protective equipment; and reduction of environmental problems. Recommended study material for DPR exams.

Publication Number:: 3324