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4-H Tabletop Gaming (Hobbies) Project
4-H Tabletop Gaming (Hobbies) Project
Publication Number: 8612
Copyright Date: 2016
Length: 3 pp.
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1-62711-042-6
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Through board, card, dice, and other games played on a flat surface, you can learn about the fundamentals of game theory and game mechanics. The field of tabletop games has expanded and the variety of games now utilizes diverse game mechanics
  • •Learn about the history of tabletop games and the variety of games available
  • •Reflect on game mechanics, gameplay type, and identify your preferred play styles
  • •Design and test your own game based on key game mechanics and victory conditions.
This sheet outlines activity ideas at beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels of skill; also gives suggestions on how to tie the activity to STEM, healthy living, citizenship, and leadership goals.

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