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4-H Bird Project
4-H Bird Project
Publication Number: 8601
Copyright Date: 2018
Length: 3 pp.
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1-62711-031-0
Inventory Type: PDF File
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The 4-H bird project sheet outlines activity ideas for youth at beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels of skill. Gives suggestions on how to tie the activity to STEM, healthy living, citizenship, and leadership goals.

Through this project you can explore different types of birds from across the globe. You may find a bird that fits you and your family as a pet and you’ll learn how to be an excellent caretaker of your pet.

  • •Identify different bird species and their characteristics
  • •Learn about the selection, care, and needs of birds
  • •Demonstrate care and management in needing, handling and grooming
  • •Explore health regulations and first aid
  • •Learn and practice the responsibilities that come with owning a pet
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