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Tuta Absoluta The South American Tomato Leafminer
Tuta Absoluta The South American Tomato Leafminer
Publication Number: 8589
Copyright Date: 2018
Length: 7 pp.
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1-62711-019-8
Inventory Type: PDF File
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The South American tomato leafminer Tuta Absoluta is a serious and devastating pest of both fresh market and processing tomatoes. Tuta continues to spread throughout the tomato-growing areas of the world. Computer models have predicted that this pest has a moderate likelihood of establishing itself in the commercial tomato producing areas of California, Arizona, and the southern United States.

This publication explains the host plants, life cycle, damage of the pest along with monitoring an management methods. This is a free publication that you can download. Please note that the file size is 6.5MB.

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