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Poisonous Plants
Poisonous Plants
Publication Number: 8560
Copyright Date: 2016
Length: 26
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1-60107-958-9
Author: J. A. ALSOP, J. F. KARLIK
Inventory Type: PDF File
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Many hundreds of species of poisonous plants grow in the United States. Some of the most beautiful trees, shrubs, vegetables, and vines are poisonous under certain conditions. They provide shade, colorful flowers, or food, but parts of the plant (sap, leaves, seed, flowers, stems) may also contain toxic compounds. Using this publication, you will learn how to identify plants associated with poisonings and other health problems. Included is a table of poisonous plants commonly found around the home and garden and instructions on making a plant identification file.

The table lists plants alphabetically by scientific name and includes common names of plants and, for most plants, the following toxicity information: the name of the toxin, which part of the plant contains the toxin, and the human body part or parts that are affected by the toxin.

This publication is based on “Poisonous Plants,” by J. A. Alsop and J. F. Karlik, chapter 20 in D. Pittenger, ed., California Master Gardener Handbook, 2nd ed.

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