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Gardening with Straw Bales
Gardening with Straw Bales
Publication Number: 8559
Copyright Date: 2016
Length: 6 pp.
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1-60107-957-2
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The use of straw bales as a soil-less growth medium in gardens has gained media attention in recent years. While most gardeners raise their crops using soil or raised beds, it is possible to grow vegetables without soil. Straw bales are an easy-to-obtain material for soil-less gardening that will also yield compost as a byproduct.

Straw bale gardening provides a simple way to avoid the disadvantages of growing in poor soils or locations where plant diseases may already be present, but it will require additional water and fertilizer to prepare them for gardening.

This publication explores how to prepare your bales for use, how to precondition your bales for planting, planting in your bales, and the nutrient requirements for success growing in this medium.

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