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Drought Tip: Use of Saline Drain Water for Crop Production
Drought Tip: Use of Saline Drain Water for Crop Production
Publication Number: 8554
Copyright Date: 2015
Length: 6 pp.
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1-60107-952-7
Author: M. E. GRISMER, K. M. BALI
Inventory Type: PDF File
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Some irrigated regions of California accumulate saline drain water as a result of the leaching needed to maintain crop production, but they have limited options for disposal of this saline water. Reusing saline drain water for irrigation as a means of disposal and augmentation of water supplies has been of interest for decades, especially when other water supplies become scarce during droughts.

Under drought conditions, drainage water may be used to supplement regular irrigation to meet crop water demands or possibly to maintain established tree or vine crops if root zone salinity is carefully managed.

This publication considers some of the more recent research related to the use of saline water for irrigation of agricultural crops and describes the management of this water to maintain crop production and acceptable root zone soil salinity.

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