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Cockroaches: Pest Notes for Home and Landscape
Cockroaches: Pest Notes for Home and Landscape
Publication Number: 7467
Copyright Date: Rev. 2007
Length: 7 pp.
Language: English and Spanish
ISBN-13: 978-1-60107-148-4
Inventory Type: PDF File
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Cockroaches may become pests in homes, restaurants, hospitals, warehouses, offices, and virtually any structure that has food preparation or storage areas. They contaminate food and eating utensils, destroy fabric and paper products, and impart stains and unpleasant odors to surfaces they contact. Also available in Spanish through

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Las cucarachas pueden ser plagas en hogares, restaurantes, hospitales, almacenes y, de hecho, cualquier estructura que tenga áreas de preparación o almacenamiento de alimentos. Contaminan los alimentos y los utensilios para comer, destruyen productos de tela y de papel e imparten manchas y olores desagradables a las superficies que tocan.

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