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Dyer's Woad: Integrated Pest Management for Land Managers
Dyer's Woad: Integrated Pest Management for Land Managers
Publication Number: 74175
Copyright Date: 2017
Length: 4 pp.
Language: English
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Dyer’s woad (Isatis tinctoria) is a problematic, invasive weed in the intermountain west, including far northern California. It grows in both disturbed and undisturbed sites and can be commonly found along roadsides, fencerows, and ditch banks, as well as in pastures, rangeland, and natural areas. It is sometimes also found growing in field crops.

Until a couple of decades ago, it was primarily confined to Scott Valley in Siskiyou County, but it has subsequently spilled over into Shasta Valley and continues to spread throughout Siskiyou County and into Modoc, Shasta, and other northern California counties.

Dyers Woad is is a ‘B’ listed noxious weed in California.

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