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Vegetable Pest Identification for Gardens and Small Farms
Vegetable Pest Identification for Gardens and Small Farms
Publication Number: 3553
Copyright Date: 2018
Length: 106 pp.
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1-62711-005-1
Inventory Type: Card Set
Based on the bestselling Pests of the Garden and Small Farm these handy cards will put the answers to your pest problems in the palm of your hand.

Use this spiral bound set of 53 pocket-sized cards in the field to identify and manage common pests of vegetables grown in backyards; community or school gardens; and small, diversified farms in urban or rural areas.

Included are cards on general predators, lady beetles, parasites, and insect pathogens to help you identify the natural enemies that can reduce the numbers of insect and mite pests.

The pest cards cover the most common insect and mite pests as well as pathogens such as fungi, bacteria, and viruses that cause plant disease. Also covered is general information on nematodes, abiotic disorders (caused by nonliving factors), weeds, and vertebrate pests.

Brief outlines of management practices are provided in the “What To Do” section of each description.

From aphids to late blight, squash and stink bugs to spotted spurge, these cards have you covered!

The focus is on sustainable pest management methods that prevent pest problems and protect people and the environment. The best strategy is an integrated pest management (IPM) program that relies on a combination of multiple techniques or tools including the use of natural enemies of pests, using traps and barriers, and preventive cultural practices such as irrigation methods, soil management, pruning techniques, and garden sanitation. Almost all the pest management techniques suggested are organically acceptable.