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Common Bee ID Cards plus California Bees & Blooms Set
Common Bee ID Cards plus California Bees & Blooms Set
Publication Number: 3552PROMO
Copyright Date: 2017, 2014
Length: 56 pp, 320 pp.
Language: English
Inventory Type: Package
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Nearly 1600 species of native bees can be found in California's rich ecosystems; this colorful book and companion pocket-sized card set will help you identify a wide array of California bees.

Drawing from years of research, California Bees and Blooms presents and authoritative look at these creatures, emphasizing their vital relationship with flowers. In addition to opening our eyes to the beautiful array of wild bees in our midst, this book provides information on 53 bee-friendly plants and how to grow them. Just a few square feet of poppies, sage and phacelia are enough to sustain a healthy population of wild bees transforming an urban or suburban garden into a world that hums and buzzes with life.

Using the companion card set, you'll be able to identify 24 of the most common urban bees on the wing to the genus level. Included for each featured bee are color photographs, a general description of appearance, the distribution and richness, flight season, nesting habits, floral hosts, and how each transports pollen.

Also included is a brief description and illustration of the anatomy of a bee, a glossary, bibliography, and online resources so you can delve deeper into the lives of these fascinating social insects.

The 3-1/2" x 5-1/4" card set is spiral bound and printed on sturdy laminated paper to hold up to rough service in the field.