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Pistachio Production Manual
Pistachio Production Manual
Publication Number: 3545
Copyright Date: 2016
Length: 334 pp
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1-60107-877-3
Inventory Type: Paperback
The long-awaited Pistachio Production Manual from the University of California is here!

The combined knowledge of 42 UC and industry experts and years of research and field trials are brought to fruition in this 321 page manual. From an overview of the state of the industry to physiological disorders, the 8-part manual covers everything you need to know.

Chapters cover topics including orchard design; rootstocks and cultivars; planting and training young trees; weed, insect, mite, and vertebrate management; irrigation and salinity management; disease management; and physiological disorders including alternate bearing, nut blanking and shell splitting.

Over 200 color photographs and 60 diagrams, charts, and tables illustrate key points. The back cover includes a photographic guide to the developmental stages of the pistachio.