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Vineyard Pest ID Cards Set 1 English-1 Spanish
Vineyard Pest ID Cards Set 1 English-1 Spanish
Publication Number: 3538SET1
Copyright Date: 2011/2012
Length: 50 cards per set
Language: English and Spanish
Inventory Type: Card Set
Always Available
Save 20% when you buy this set of 1 English-language and 1 Spanish-language version of the Vineyard Pest ID Cards.

Each set contains 50 sturdy, pocket-size laminated cards, covering 41 common insects and mites, 11 diseases, 23 beneficial insects, and a variety of other disorders, weeds, and invertebrate pests. Each pest is identified by a description and excellent close-up color photographs—244 photos in all. On the reverse of each card is a description of the various life stages and monitoring tips.

Also includes descriptions of natural enemies as well as handy inch and metric measurement scales. A sturdy rivet keeps the set together so individual cards don’t stray.

These 50 information-rich cards will help growers, vineyard managers, and their teams identify and manage most common problems. This is the perfect quick field reference.

Includes everything from mealybugs and phylloxera to glassy-winged sharpshooter and Eutypa dieback, all of which have an impact on California vineyards.

These cards are also sold separately in Spanish, sold separately in English or in bundles of 1 English/5 Spanish . Perfect for vineyard managers and their crews.