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Grape Pest Management—Third Edition-Print
Grape Pest Management—Third Edition-Print
Publication Number: 3343
Copyright Date: 2013
Length: 609 pp.
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1-60107-800-1
Inventory Type: Paperback
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Pests. Invasives. Vineyard Foes. We may refer to them differently but the economic impact of pests common to California wine, raisin, and table grape vineyards vary only in scope.

In the 3rd Edition , more than 70 research scientists, cooperative extension advisors and specialists, growers, and pest control advisers have consolidated the latest scientific studies and research into one handy reference. The result is a comprehensive, easy-to-read pest management tool.

What’s new? Well, for starters, more pests! The new edition, the first in over a decade, includes several new invasive species that are now major pests. It also reflects an improved understanding among researchers, farmers, and growers about the biology of pests. With nine expansive chapters, helpful, colorful photos throughout, here’s more of what you’ll find:

•Diagnostic techniques for identifying vineyard problems
•Detailed descriptions of more than a dozen diseases
•Comprehensive, illustrated listings of insect and mite pests,including the recently emerging Virginia creeper leaf-hopper
•Regional calendars of events for viticultural management
•Up-to-date strategies for vegetation management

•671 color photographs and illustrations

Winner of a silver award from the Association for Communication Excellence in Agriculture. Score of 96 out of a possible 100. Comments from the judges:
A large volume of technical information, but it is presented in organized, engaging fashion. Very nice photography and use of illustrations throughout.