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Overseeding and Companion Cropping in Alfalfa
Overseeding and Companion Cropping in Alfalfa
Publication Number: 21594
Copyright Date: 2000
Length: 31 pp.
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1-60107-352-5
Inventory Type: Paperback
Alfalfa is considered the “queen of forages” because it is high yielding, high in forage quality, a persistent perennial, and resistant to many pests and diseases. Because of these qualities, alfalfa is not a crop that is typically thought to benefit from overseeding or companion cropping. However, overseeding can enhance your yield and the quality of your stand, and companion cropping may hold significant pest-management advantages. Find out when and why you may want to overseed or companion crop to reap these benefits.

Inside you’ll find information on:
• Factors to consider for overseeding including selecting the right species
• Seeding dates and rates for various crops used in overseeding
• Harvest compatibility
• Risks and benefits of companion cropping
• Various possible companion crops
• Pest interactions in mixed alfalfa crops
• Quality, market and economic considerations of mixed alfalfa crops

This concise, easy-to-use, 31-page guide is profusely illustrated with 31 color photographs and 12 tables.